Tuesday, April 17, 2012

E-Zone 4 vocabulary

This space is defined as an e-learning environment for EFL students who wish to build vocabulary.

Basic Level

A.- Look up in the dictionary the meaning of the following words. Write a sentence with each word.

  • arrow
  • arrive
  • artwork
  • basket
  • benign
  • bottle
  • coal
  • cattle
  • constancy
  • damp
  • didactic
  • eclectic
  • fieldwork
  • glimpse
  • gorgeous
  • hallow
  • insult
  • interlude

B.- For each of the following sentences below choose the correct word given above, and fill in the blank space.

1.- All of our shirts were __________ due to the large amount of humidity on the walls.

2.-  We have a fifteen minute _____________ before starting the next musical performance.

3.- Teachers have ___________games to make students learn while having fun.

4.- She needs a bow and an__________ to participate in the game.

5.- Sophia was very upset and she tried to ________her cousin by shouting bad words.

6.- Violeta  ___________ on time for her language session. She is very responsible.

7- Gleynis has demonstrated _____________ in all her assignments, especially in English classes.

8.- This cow belongs to a selected ____________ that was bought in New Hampshire.

9.- The log was _________ when it was cut down from the tree.

10.- We have  magnificent __________ in the Museum of London.

11.- We need enough _________ to make the barbecue tonight.

12.- She is a _____________ fine young lady.

13.- Carcinomas are not __________ tumors.

14.- There is a ___________ full of apples in the farm.

15.- How many ___________ of milk do you want?
16.- Cristobal was in his _______________ last week in the Amazons.

17.- She is very creative, __________ and intelligent to create new innovating ideas for the online distance course.

18.- She gave hime a quick ________ while he walked by and passed her on 7th street

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level