Friday, August 24, 2012

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Read about butterflies and how a young scientist is emerging in the field.

Butterflies and Scientists

Grammar GOOFS by copyblogger

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Teachers' Domain: Ingredients for Life: Water

Listening comprehension Section

Teachers' Domain: Ingredients for Life: Water

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

E-Zone 4 vocabulary

This space is defined as an e-learning environment for EFL students who wish to build vocabulary.

Basic Level

A.- Look up in the dictionary the meaning of the following words. Write a sentence with each word.

  • arrow
  • arrive
  • artwork
  • basket
  • benign
  • bottle
  • coal
  • cattle
  • constancy
  • damp
  • didactic
  • eclectic
  • fieldwork
  • glimpse
  • gorgeous
  • hallow
  • insult
  • interlude

B.- For each of the following sentences below choose the correct word given above, and fill in the blank space.

1.- All of our shirts were __________ due to the large amount of humidity on the walls.

2.-  We have a fifteen minute _____________ before starting the next musical performance.

3.- Teachers have ___________games to make students learn while having fun.

4.- She needs a bow and an__________ to participate in the game.

5.- Sophia was very upset and she tried to ________her cousin by shouting bad words.

6.- Violeta  ___________ on time for her language session. She is very responsible.

7- Gleynis has demonstrated _____________ in all her assignments, especially in English classes.

8.- This cow belongs to a selected ____________ that was bought in New Hampshire.

9.- The log was _________ when it was cut down from the tree.

10.- We have  magnificent __________ in the Museum of London.

11.- We need enough _________ to make the barbecue tonight.

12.- She is a _____________ fine young lady.

13.- Carcinomas are not __________ tumors.

14.- There is a ___________ full of apples in the farm.

15.- How many ___________ of milk do you want?
16.- Cristobal was in his _______________ last week in the Amazons.

17.- She is very creative, __________ and intelligent to create new innovating ideas for the online distance course.

18.- She gave hime a quick ________ while he walked by and passed her on 7th street

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

Friday, February 17, 2012

E- Reading Course

Reading activities to develop a better understanding of the language.
E-reading course

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teachers' Domain Video: Are We Alone?

Listening Comprehension:

As far as we know, only one planet has life on it — Earth. But is it really possible that our planet is the only life-bearing planet in the entire universe? Some scientists believe that extraterrestrial life does exist, and some even believe that there may be advanced alien life. In this video segment adapted from NOVA, learn about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Teachers' Domain: Are We Alone?